Reliable Supply Chain

With our reliable supply chain, we offer quality and reliable products to our customers. With our principles of reliability and transparency, we are committed to being a sustainable business partner.

Global Logistics Access

With our global logistics network, we serve customers around the world quickly and reliably. Thanks to our extensive network, we deliver our products everywhere on time.

High Quality Audit

We constantly conduct audits to maintain our high quality standards. By controlling our products at the highest level, we provide reliable and quality service to our customers.

Our Products

A wide range of raw and processed products delivered directly from the source

Sunflower Seeds

Soya Beans

Canola Seed

Sunflower Meal

Wheat Bran

Soybean Meal

Canola Meal

Wheat (Feed)

Wheat (Flour)

Crude Sunflower Oil

Get to know us

Rovagro is an organization that aims to completely reshape the transportation process of agricultural products from producer to consumer. We aim to eliminate the middleman by giving consumers access to the products they need directly from farmers.


While operating in Ukraine-based procurement processes, we have placed it at the center of our mission to not only meet consumer demands, but also to support Ukrainian agribusinesses.


To this end, we have built our business model to ensure balance and fairness in the industry by aligning producers, traders and transporters towards a common goal.


How do you determine whether your agricultural products are organic or not?

To determine whether our agricultural products are organic, we regularly audit our cultivation methods and supply chain in accordance with international organic standards (e.g. USDA Organic or EU Organic). We also cooperate with independent organizations that provide certification of organic products.

What measures do you take for the safety and quality of your products?

We implement strict quality control procedures to ensure the safety and quality of our products. We use modern technology and best practices to maintain reliability and quality in our agricultural and manufacturing processes. We also regularly have our products tested by independent laboratories to ensure that we meet quality standards.

Which sustainability practices do you adopt in your agribusiness?

Sustainability is considered a core value of our business. We have various practices to conserve natural resources, manage waste, save water and reduce environmental impact. We also invest in local projects to contribute to our communities and the environment.

How is the traceability of your agricultural products ensured?

To ensure the traceability of our products, we carefully monitor every stage of our supply chain. We record every step of our products, starting from growing conditions, through harvesting, packaging, storage and transportation. This allows us to track exactly where our products come from, how they are processed and by which routes they arrive.


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Thanks to our operational capability, we deliver our products safely and healthily from the field to the table.